Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Backyard Trash Pickup

Please note that we (Board of Commissioners) have approved a budget which includes backyard trash pick up as a fee based service. The fee will be $350 per year. It is important to register for this service as soon as possible after Jan 1, 2010 so that we can implement the program in february. Thanks

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Election Results - It is over

Well it certainly was a satisfying Election day. And not just because I won. Also because of the turnout and the voters' comments and the lack of problems at the polls and the help of all the volunteers. Democracy in action is a wonderful thing.

We should all stop and thank the folks that work the polls. The Judge, Inspectors and machine operators put in an extremely long day. The polls are open for 13 hours but the also have to open and set up and then do the count at the end of the day. They can be there for 15 hours. And they do it for less than a hundred dollars!

Yes, I did say the turnout was good. After all, it is kind of a "relative thing". Based on historical look at the turnout in my ward, the turnout was very good. Of course voter turnout, in absolute terms, was poor and disappointing. If you look at the numbers carefully you will realize that about 15 to 20 percent of the registered voters are deciding the winners!

I relly enjoy meeting voters who are naturalized citizens... they vote 100% of the time. They are dismayed about how we "native citizens" (or what ever the correct term is) do not vote. It makes no sense to them and makes them angry.

So why don't we vote?

Friday, October 30, 2009

A little fact checking - negative campaigning

So the R party must feel threatened. Yesterday's mail saw the arrival of two negative post cards. One attacking the D school board candidates and one attacking the D Commissioner candidates. I am personally disappointed that they would stoop to this.

Quite frankly, I had to laugh. My competitor's card said "keep him Commissioner". Wow, let's see; he was appointed September 22nd..... been to what, 3 or 4 BoC meetings? And his claims for his accomplishments remind me of a term used in computer jargon.... vaporware. As in claims made out of the vapor..... And the negatives against me were incredibly weak and misinformed. Oh, well. Like I said, disappointing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wayne Natatorium Newspaper Article

I don't know if you folks saw this article in the Main Line Suburban Life....
Also, donations for the Marker can be sent to the Historical Society or Radnor Conservancy. Just make sure to indicate that they are for the Marker.
Radnor Historical Society
Wayne Natatorium Marker Fund
113 West Beech Tree Lane, Wayne, PA, 19087

By Sam Strike

It lasted but seven years, but at the turn of the 20th century the Wayne Natatorium was making a splash as one of the largest fresh-water pools in the country.

Now, more than a century after it existed, it has been approved for a historical marker by the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission (PHMC).

The natatorium – a block-long pool created by damming Gulf Creek in the late 1800s – must have been a sight to behold at about the length of two football fields.

From 1895 to 1903 residents of Wayne and people from afar skated on it in the frozen winter and cooled themselves in it in summer. Lights were strung up in trees; fresh gingerbread was sold.

It was where Willow Avenue now lies in North Wayne on the north side of Gulf Creek. The only things that remain to evoke the memory of the pool are part of the building that used to be the clubhouse and women’s changing room (now a private residence) and the street’s penchant for flooding from the creek and underground springs.

By sometime next year there will be a sign to evoke the memory of the pool, and interested parties are hoping to also create a storyboard with photos and information on the natatorium and the neighborhood, sometimes referred to as Little Chicago.

“I’m fascinated by the Victorian era. And the natatorium to me is something that is part of the Main Line that has intrigued me since I was a kid,” said Carla Zambelli, a Main Line resident and local history buff, who applied for the historical marker.

“It’s a really unique piece of history.”

Zambelli and others are trying to find local funding sources to pay for the marker and accompanying informational display; contributors may include the Radnor Historical Society and the Radnor Conservancy.

Any members of the public who want to make a donation can make it out to the Radnor Historical Society and indicate the natatorium-marker fund.

According to Zambelli, drought and the bicycling and golfing fads contributed to its demise. Two years later residential development started on the site.

While the immediate neighborhood is not full of Horace Trumbauer-designed mansions, Zambelli said that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any historic worth.

The home of builder Jonathan Lengel would have overlooked the natatorium during its short life. Lengel was a successful builder in Wayne during that era. The home he built for his family in 1888 at 235 N. Aberdeen Ave., was set for demolition and subdivision last year. But the property has since been sold to new owners.

The location of the natatorium sits on fringes of the North Wayne Historic District. Zambelli said when she applied for the marker that she hoped somebody would recognize that looking to memorialize it would be worthwhile.

“People have written about the natatorium over the years, yet nothing has been done to commemorate it,” she said. Until now.

Zambelli is hoping to schedule a marker dedication and unveiling sometime next year.

She said that applying to the PHMC for the marker, which she did late last year, was a lot of work and cost money but she learned so much about the natatorium and Victorian-era Wayne.

Each year the PHMC’s historical marker program creates a theme for its submissions, this year’s being “Energy: Innovation and Impact.”

The commission received 74 nominations for the 2009 round; 11 of those nominations come from the counties of Chester, Delaware and Montgomery.

The other application to the Pennsylvania Historical Marker program this year from within Radnor Township was in the Bryn Mawr section of Radnor Township to commemorate the visit of Bishop Richard Allen, the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1816.

The Bishop Allen Visit nomination was not approved at the commission’s March meeting. It might be more apropos under next year’s theme of “African-American History.”


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Five Points Town Hall, useless except for Eminent Domain discussions

Contrary to statements made otherwise, the town hall meeting changed absolutely nothing. There was no new information, the drawings were virtually identical to those presented 2.5 years ago. The schedule remains the same and folks concerns were, once again, not addressed. And to make matters worse, the use of eminent domain against MJ Test Prep was on the agenda at the 10/11/2009 BoC meeting. Thanks to several good presentations (particularly one by Ken Taylor) the Commissioners voted to Table the proposed ordinance for two weeks so that resolution of the issues can be accomplished amicably.

The surprise for most folks was the attendance at the Town Hall by SAC and Bryn Mawr civic and business folks. They reviewed the history of the "new blight" brought to Bryn Mawr by the hospital's recent activities and how that fit in with the 5 points issues. Eminent Domain is a four letter word to these folks. (maybe a magnitude hotter than the surface of the Sun).

While I agree in general with the intersection improvements, I do not accept the use of eminent domain in the case where an amicable settlement can be reached with just a little work by the parties involved. I also think the project is still lacking details that are needed to assure success. For example, my experience is that there are two problem areas at the rush hours, 1. Folks going "south" on Bryn Mawr trying to turn left into Wawa and 2, folks going "north" on Bryn Mawr trying to turn in to the new parking garage (the lift gate is too close to the street). Both of these activities can cause significant back ups.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Politic as Usual 2

At the Board of Commissioners' meeting tonight our new Commish announced that he was going to hold a town hall meeting to discuss 5 point construction. I got up and commented that the plans are to break ground for this project in the spring thus this was a waste of taxpayer money and should be conducted closer to the construction start date.

So how do you Radnor taxpayers like your tax dollars being used for a campaign event? This is the only logical reason that the meeting should be held now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A great Community Party

Did you get to Wayne on Sunday to join the festivities at the annual Fall Festival? It was a great time and using North Wayne ave seems like a "natural". Good food, good information, good weather and good bands. Great activities for kids and of course, the dog show! What more could you want?

I know this is a minor point but I wish more of my neighbors were there. This was a Radnor event not a Wayne event. Such a shame.